Ambassadors' Blog 19th Oct

Pupil Voice | St Bridget's Primary and Early Years Class

Hi, we are Ellenor and Adam, your new ambassadors. One of our roles across school includes handing out certificates during our Celebration Assembly on Fridays. We have to do this because we want to encourage our pupils to try their best all the time. While we are learning, having fun and enjoying our break time we are also concentrating on keeping our eye out for people that we could hand our certificate’s out to.

Every week we are trying to mix up our reasons to give them out so that they can see that it is not just one thing that we are looking for. As the ambassadors we really enjoy our role, we love watching all the children progress in their learning and how they develop as a person. Who will it be this week for the certificates? We will find out on Friday.

Adam and Ellenor