Adventure Genre Assembly


Adventure Assembly

On Tuesday 27th March 2018, we had an assembly about the genre adventure taken by Max, Alexi and Jake. The reason we had this assembly is because at the moment at school we are trying to develop our knowledge of book genres for example: horror, romance, historical settings, mystery, crime etc. 

We looked at examples of adventure stories such as The Famous Five, The Secret Seven, Treasure Island and The Advenutres of Charlie Small. Then we discussed features of adventure stories and some common features were: exciting plots and more than one main character. Also, many adventure stories/films have intriguing settings.

To improve our knowledge of recognising settings from books, we had to guess where the images of settings were from. It was alot of fun. Well done!

By Martha Hardy and Jacob Hawley.

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'I like that the people who did the assembly weren’t nervous.'-Codie.H.

'I liked that they put comedy in the assembly and I like they have shown examples. I like how they’ve put pictures in and presented the assembly well.' -Annabelle.W.   

'I like how they explained the features well such as the settings and characters.'-Lottie.B

'It was very comedic and the assembly over all was in detail.'-Isaac.H

'I liked how they included quizzes and they were comedic.'-Logan.T