Academy Visit: Reading

Last week, we had a visit from Berni Pearce, the English Director, from the Shaw Education Trust. She was visiting the school to monitor our English priorities for this term and to reflect on the positive changes that have been put in place since her last visit. As you will be aware, our current priorities within English are to continue to promote Reading for Pleasure, to encourage cognitive challenge across all abilities, and to improve the attainment and enjoyment of reading amongst boys (as in line with the National agenda).

The feedback from the visit was extremely positive. Mrs Pearce was very impressed with the real love of reading across the school. Children were able to articulate the books they enjoyed, the authors they gravitated to, and why reading for pleasure is important to their learning. She also had the opportunity to visit the child-led Book Club.  Pupil voice regarding this can be found below.

The main strengths noted were:

  • Pupils were engaged in a range of texts, including classics
  • Texts were differentiated across school and within class
  • Pupils were aware of the priorities within English
  • Children were using technical vocabulary (from digraphs to word classes)
  • Pupils were aware of prior learning and how this links to new learning
  • Independence was planned for and celebrated
  • Pupils were confident and able to articulate their learning
  • Pupils were happy in their lessons

The main improvement from the visit was to continue to develop higher order skills (which links to our work on Brilliant Books which you can find information on in the previous blog).

I would like to thank the children and staff for such a positive visit. The consistency across the school was evident.

pupil voice.png

“I read more because I like it. It helps me to know good words for my writing.”

“Book Club makes me want to read more. It’s a group activity with my friends.”

“When rading, if I get stuck, we work it out together.”