Academy Focus Morning – 22nd January 2019

Today we spent the morning reviewing the current priorities set by the school including maths, reading, science and online safety. Together with Ms Spilsbury, my focus for the morning was reading and online safety. We met with groups of children from each class and asked their views and feelings towards these issues.

The children spoke passionately about reading and told us about the books they enjoy reading both at home and at school. Many of the children expressed a preference for factual books, and they also explained that the library now contains factual magazines and more books aimed at boys. The group, who were predominantly boys, explained to us the idea of “reading for pleasure” and the facility in place to recommend books to others. We were then shown the displays and Brilliant Books by Miss Parry and met with the children who set up and run the Book Club in the library.

We then reviewed some of the work carried out in Classes 3 and 4 in relation to online safety by looking at their work books. It was very pleasing to see that the children understood the issues in relation to online safety and knew what to do if they had concerns whilst on the internet. We then spoke with children mostly from Key Stage 2 regarding online safety. All children, without exception, were able to tell us about the Internet Legends and the importance of staying safe online. Even the few children from Key Stage 1 were aware of these concepts and knew to tell a trusted adult if they were concerned, which was extremely reassuring.

We were extremely impressed by all of the children who spoke to us, particularly in relation to their articulation, passion and consideration for others. Once again it was a pleasure to witness, and be a part of, such a caring and supportive school.

Emily Hinton

Parent Academy Councillor


Today was a focus meeting whereby I had the opportunity to spend the whole morning in school observing teaching and learning across all the age groups including pupils with SEN.

All pupils were polite, impeccably behaved, enthusiastic, curious, reflective and creative to name but a few of their attributes.

It’s such a challenge for all staff to deliver wonderful lessons and activities in such restrictive accommodation however, at The Meadows it’s done with commitment, professionalism, creativity, and constant reflection.

Thank you for inviting me today.

Carol Commins 

Vice Chair Academy Council