Academy Councillor Breakfast Visit - March 26th 2018

A wonderful and informative breakfast visit spent at the school on Monday 26/03/18 by Academy Councillors.

The opportunity to visit and spend time in all the classrooms, where inspiring Fun Maths Activities were well underway, the children were all completely engaged and so enthusiastic with collaborative working observed in all age groups even down to the very young children in Reception.

The behaviour of children throughout the school was exemplary, children were impeccably well mannered, confident, respectful, articulate and so supportive of their peers.

The teaching seen in the school certainly reflects the skill, positivity, and care in lesson planning where staff use their expertise to differentiate and challenge children’s learning. The support from Teaching Assistants is paramount they clearly are skilful and committed staff members, we observed them scaffolding children’s learning in smaller groups and on a one to one basis.

The Meadows isn’t just a primary school it’s a thriving joyful centre of excellence continually challenged by the buildings structural limitations.

Mrs Procter leads the school in a creative, reflective and certainly committed style whereby she constantly reviews the school’s performance to ensure that measures are in place to sustain and grow educational attainment.

- Carol Commins