Academy Council Pupil Voice – 20th November 2018

Today we had the pleasure of meeting with the school’s Mentors and Ambassadors from Year 6. We were interested to discuss with them the changes that they were aware of since becoming an Academy within the Shaw Trust, their interest in reading and their views on the current library provision, and the importance of online safety.

Each child demonstrated great understanding of the changes and benefits to the school in becoming an Academy and the wealth of new opportunities now available to school, for example changes to the building, joining the French trip with Seabridge Primary and doing PE at Madeley School. They also spoke of their enjoyment of the new Power Maths scheme which they informed us is providing them with more challenging work. They also told us of the incredible additional support in place for a number of pupils called Third Learning Space.

The children spoke passionately about reading and all but one confirmed that they prefer reading paper books than online books. They also suggested that improvements were necessary to the library to include changing the tables/chairs, changing the shelves and trying to create a more open spacious environment for reading. The children told us that they had recently had a visit from an author, which they all found very interesting.

We then asked the children about online safety as this is an extremely important issue. We wanted to find out what and how the children have been taught about online safety. Each child contributed to the discussion in confirming the five pillars of online safety and the importance of telling an adult if they were concerned about anything. They also told us of their recent visit from the Google Internet Legends roadshow and that they have all had to sign a contract to confirm that they will follow the Internet Legends code.

We were extremely impressed by the confidence of the children and their willingness to contribute to Pupil Voice. We were also pleased to see the support they offered to each other during the discussion, which reinforces the caring and supportive ethos at The Meadows.

Emily Hinton and Ann Spilsbury