Bees! CL 3

Today in Class 3, we had a visit from Mr Longstaff (an experienced Bee Keeper). In our Science learning this year, the children explored the role of bees within our enviroment and how they support pollination. This visit was focused on how bees communicate, create hives and collect nectar. We also discussed how to stay safe around bees.

The children took part in several activities (from finding 'nectar' to bee dancing)! It was a thoroughly enjoyable morning and many children are excited at the prospect of bee keeping in the future.

The bees had to work hard to keep their queen warm!

IMG_20180705_092138.jpg IMG_20180705_092141.jpg

The bees then had to try and make a cell.

IMG_20180705_092444.jpg IMG_20180705_092509.jpg

The children also got to explore some of the honey from hive.

IMG_20180705_093225.jpg IMG_20180705_093307.jpg

Some of the children were quite fond of the smell...

IMG_20180705_095646.jpg IMG_20180705_095655.jpg

You can find more pictures here.

Thank you for the informative session, Mr Longstaff! 

pupil voice.png

"I enjoyed learning more things about bees. It was fun finding food for the queen bee... and then eating it!" - Michelle

"I enjoyed learning about the different stages of a bee's life. I also learnt that there are 250 types of bees!" - Oliver

"I enjoyed doing the roleplay as queen bees and foragers. We also collected lots of sweets and got to eat some of them!" - Kiri