Ambassadors 2021 - 2022

The Role of the School Ambassador

This role and the duties involved, have been reviewed to reflect the Covid 19 restrictions in place across the school.

  • Be role models of exemplary behaviour. 

  • Be familiar with our behaviour policy, our school improvement priorities and regularly view the school website so that you know what is or has been occurring across the school.  

  • Recognise the success of others by awarding 
    children with weekly certificates - from the ambassadors - celebrating their achievements.

  • When and where appropriate (adhering to social distancing) meet and greet visitors to the school

  • Promote our school motto, ‘Learning by caring and sharing’ by sharing a news item every other week in our Meadows in the Moment school newsletter. 

  • Meet with Mrs Procter, in adherence with social distancing, to review learning and behaviour across the school as well as to discuss how our school is improving. Represent the voice of the pupils during these meeting. 

  • Write regular blogs about events in the school. 

  • Help to generate ideas about fundraising.

Ellenor and Adam